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Author and Founder

Juliet Diaz is an Indigenous Taino & Afro Caribbean Cubana from a long line of brujx, medicine people, and seers. Juliet is a spiritual, literary activist, and award-winning bestselling author. 


Juliet believes that change starts from within us. "We can't expect to see real positive change in the world if we don't do the work within ourselves. The oppressor lives in us, and without decolonial work, deep healing, and connecting to our truth and Spirit, we will continue to repeat history."  


Juliet is also the founder of Spirit Bound Press and represents the Indigenous Caribbean people with the Indigenous People's Movement, a global coalition bringing awareness on issues affecting indigenous peoples and the planet. 


She has been featured in major publications like Oprah Magazine, The Atlantic, Wired, People Espanol, Mind Body Green, and Refinery, to name a few. And was awarded outstanding author of the year, outstanding book of the year, and outstanding deck of the year by the 2022 Witchies, a Witchcraft and Occult Media Awards. 


Her works include Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within, Plant Witchery, The Altar Within, and decks. 

All social media @iamjulietdiaz