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Manifesting Candle Service

I've been offering this service for many years, and it is one of the most requested yearly. My service was even featured in THE ATLANTIC, where the journalist herself had her manifestation requests become a reality. I don't promote this service heavily as it has done well with just word of mouth from those who have purchased it, and I have always kept it to a minimal amount of purchases once a year. This time, I want to open this service to you in hopes that it will help fund my press and support our fundraising efforts. 100% of the profits from the service go to fund Spirit Bound Press. 

The process



For many generations, the brujas in my lineage have worked with this service to manifest intentions and help serve their communities. I learned how to prepare, work, set, and ritualize this service when I was seven. Of course, through the years, I have learned to perfect it in ways that align with me and my practice. It is one I have used for everything I have manifested in my life, from all my books and decks being bestsellers to finding our perfect house in the mountains. I respect this service's Spirit so much that I don't let just anyone purchase it. It is sacred to my Ancestors and me. This is why I have boundaries and a process so that it is respected and not abused. 


 I started to offer this service to the public back when I would sell ritual spell candles in my old Apothecary shop (which was also manifested with this service and closed due to the success of my writing career). 

I noticed that many people felt they needed more confidence to set their intentions clearly and help to care for the candle for the seven days required, so I started working with the clients to figure out precisely what they desired and work the candle service for them.





I prepare the candle from scratch in ceremony. I start with the wax and ritualistically move through the process with guidance from my spiritual team and embed your intentions throughout the entire workings. I then care for the candle for seven days and see it through until the flame goes out. During the seven days, I tend to my candle service altar and set offerings to the nature spirits and my spiritual team, helping move your intentions into reality. I do 95% of the work; all you have to do is respond to the questions I send you after purchase. These questions help me hone in on your intent and identify any blocks or unclear intentions. I get into the core of your intention and work from there. I also am cautious about not closing that intent, and what I mean is many people who offer candle work or do it themselves don't leave space for the Divine to move this intention in the way it needs to so that it benefits you and causes no harm.   Candle services should not be a forced command but a mindful and intentional prayer that clearly lets Divinity know that this is what you desire.  



The candle service price is $111 (all of which goes to help fund SBP), which is for ONE intention. If you want more than one done, please send the additional payment for the extra candle(s). If you purchase more than one, please make sure when you reply to the questions I send you to answer for each service you purchased. 


You can set an intention for whatever you desire; however, I do not do the following:


  • curses or hex

  • harm to others

  • forced love (you can definitely ask to amplify or rekindle love but not force someone who does not want to be with you)

  • lottery winnings

  • bets or gambling of any kind



Most asked-for intentions:


  • wealth

  • growth for businesses, careers, and start-ups

  • self-love, spiritual growth, alignment to purpose, clarity in paths, and so on

  • court cases

  • job interviews, positions you desire, and so on

  • health, wellness, and mindset

  • breaking habits, patterns, and self-sabotage 

  • Amplifying love with self and with partners

  • Pregnancy + healthy pregnancies

  • protection for loved ones

  • prosperity for loved ones


There are several ways to purchase: 1 intention = $111 (send additional $ for extra intentions)



You MUST email me at after your purchase. In the email make sure to let me know how many services you paid for and where you sent the payment to along with your full name so I can verify the purchase. If you are sending payment via a different name than yours, please let me know in email. I will then send you the questions I need responded 3 to 4 days after purchase. You can take your time in responding to the questions, this service does not expire. 


After your service (8 days from beginning to end), I will email you and let you know. I also send tips and ways to continue the magic of this service to help amplify it. Your personal magic is essential in this process but do not worry; the directions are simple and mostly mindset suggestions. 

Thank you for your purchase and for contributing to the Spirit Bound Press fundraising efforts. You are helping in changing the way publishing works and changing many lives. Grateful. 


If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me. 

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