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Together we can make a difference...



Learn more about us and our mission here


We need community support to make these goals and visions a reality. 

With your help, Spirit Bound is:


✖️Putting a stop to Cultural appropriation 

✖️Publishing writers with authentic roots, cultures, practices, and experiences in their works 

✖️Offering scholarships to the Literary Craft Society 

✖️Changing the way leadership looks, acts, and operates through diversity, equity, and inclusion-based practices

✖️Giving more contracts to authors who hold marginalized identities

✖️Making those contracts fair, equitable, and transparent

✖️Offering free content and in-person experiences to our communities

✖️Supporting small businesses like bookstores and shops

✖️Creating a community of authors, writers, and readers who support each other

Publishing has a problem. A racism problem. An ableism problem. A heteronormative, transphobic problem. A problem with wildly inequitable and unfair acquisition practices and advance and royalty contracts that make it almost impossible for emerging voices to get heard.


Spirit Bound Press wants to be a solution.

There are several ways to support:

Thank you for showing up and caring enough to make a difference in the publishing world. You are also making a difference in the communities we represent and are part of; for that, we are incredibly grateful. 



Ways to help spread the word: 


✖️Share our story, mission and fundraising efforts.

✖️Talk about it on social media.

✖️Share it with your newsletter subscribers.

✖️Share it with your friends, family, coworkers, and so on. 

Together we can make a difference...

Please reach us if you have any questions.

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