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The Team

Who We Are


Juliet Diaz


Juliet Diaz (she/they) is an Indigenous Taino Cubana from a long line of brujx, medicine people, and seers. Juliet is a spiritual and literary activist, and an award-winning bestselling author. She is also the founder of Spirit Bound Press. She represents the Indigenous Caribbean people with the Indigenous People's Movement, a global coalition bringing awareness to issues affecting indigenous peoples and the planet.

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Jessica Ramirez

Associate Publisher

Jessica Ramirez (she/they) is a first-gen New Yorker with Andean, Lebanese & Euro Roots. They are a multidisciplinary creative with a passion for wellness, plants, food, art, and sustainable, ethical practices. Jess is at their happiest supporting spaces, places, and folks that prioritize growth, building generational wealth, community-focused and led initiatives, and safe spaces for marginalized groups. 


Angeles Perez

Literary Craft Society Lead Director

Angeles Perez (she/he/they) born and raised in the Bronx in NYC, Angeles has always had a deep love for community and celebration. A firm believer in radical hospitality and education, she advocates for the community as the core of safety and ecological education to increase resource access for all. 

Jenn Ramirez




Georgina Juarez

Community Curandera

Georgina Juarez (she/her) Patecatl Cihuatl, is a curaderismo practioner with Kalpulli Teocali Ollin, certified coach and owner of Mujer Magic LLC. She's a weaver of soul balancing, guiding you to reawaken your ancestors' beautiful indigenous rituals and healing that assist you in becoming unapologetic for your Magic.

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Tamela Gordon


Tamela Julia Gordon (she/her) is an editor, writer, and inclusive wellness advocate.  Her work is deeply centered in the intersection of wellness and literary justice. She’s edited Brown Enough by Christopher Rivas, All the Black Girls are Activists by EbonyJanice Moore, and Why We Play with Fire by Giselle Tamela’s forthcoming book, Hood Wellness: Inclusive Self-Care From A Black Woman Who Drowned On Dry Land (many times) is due out April, 2024

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Jamie Lou


Jamie Lou (she/her) Jamie Lou (she/her) has worked with many phenomenal authors as a developmental editor at Row House Publishing and Spirit Bound Press, and as a ghostwriter, story coach, book production manager, proposal writer, and book editor for Rise Books. She is the recipient of the Kornbluth Memorial Writing Award for her essay on a Sylvia Plath poem. As an author, her children’s books have reached children across the globe. Jamie is also an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, director, film editor, producer, and produced playwright. In 2021, her dramatic feature screenplay, Lady Lazarus, placed in the top 10% at the prestigious Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship and the top 18% at the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Jamie believes stories have the power to brighten the world, shine light on injustice, and spark connection between human beings from all walks of life.

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